Not Enough Hours in a Year?

April 17, 2009

Usually during the winter I find myself reverting to a more primal instinct of hibernation. Winter is my least productive time.  So naturally, as the good weather is arriving I start becoming more active and at the same time begin trying to figure out how to make up for the past 6 months of lethargy.  It seems it all comes down on me at this time of year.  This is probably due to the fact that I am still in school and this good weather comes at about the same time a the Spring semester crunch-time.  So I have to finish up this semester papers and presentations, prepare for summer school, work, and start on all of the outside projects that I put off over the winter.

This summer I have to:

  • Prepare a presentation on Dynamic Integration and Composite Application Development Patterns and Practices for presentation to a company that may become my new employer this summer.
  • Work with an adviser to prepare for applying for the Fulbright, Boren Flagship, and Blakemore-Freeman scholarships – which includes making professional contacts in China.
  • Build a carport beside my house.
  • Get the annual vegetable garden in and harvested.
  • Plan and execute the annual family hike.
  • Resurrect or replant the lawn and outdoor plants.
  • Build a patio behind the house.
  • Do summer school.
  • Get my character review software written and make some progress on my book.
  • Go fly fishing at least a couple times or I may not be able to maintain my sanity through next winter.

Right now I have this tremendous desire to learn about test driven development using mocks but I still have to get regular projects at work done.  Is it possible to do everything I want to do before the required deadlines or winter hits again and hibernation sets in?  I don’t know.


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