New Job

April 28, 2009

So last thursday, after a gruelling 4 hour interview, I was hired by Schwietzer Engineering Laboritories.  I gave notice to Decagon last friday and it looks like I will be starting at SEL on May 11th.  I am working in a group called Distributed Coherent Systems.  This group is developing some of the most cutting edge technology in power generation and transmission control.  I am pretty excited to be working there.  I worked as an intern there a couple of years ago.  As an intern I worked on some of the same technology that we will be implementing.  At that point it was still in its exporatory research stage.  Now SEL is creating viable products out of it.  It is pretty cool stuff.  Unfortunately, I can’t say much about it here besides what has been made public up to this point.  I’ll post developments in the future as they are made public though.


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