Mac vs. PC – Just One Guy’s Opinion

December 4, 2015

With the Microsoft Surface Pro out, I’ve been rethinking a lot of things. I have a long and storied history with both PCs and Macs that I won’t get into right now. Based on my experience with other PCs here’s my breakdown on why I use one over the other. Keep in mind that I’ve yet to use the Surface extensively. I’m willing to update this post if I get a chance to use it for real work.

I love PCs because:
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Excel: I can get along without the rest of the Office suite, but I haven’t found an alternative to Excel.
I love my MacBook Pro because:
  • Amazing performance: I normally have about a dozen desktop apps open and 20 or more Chrome tabs
  • Incredible battery life: 6-8 hours typically under heavy use
  • Lack of malware issues: Anti-malware programs are resource hogs.
  • Excellent memory management: minimal paging (only pages when absolutely necessary)
  • Software lifecycle management: zero residue install/uninstall
  • Hassle free OS updates: Painless when compared to weekly Windows updates and reboots.
  • No vendor advertisements to install stuff: I’ve never gotten a notification from Apple that I didn’t need.
  • Thermal management: I only hear the fan when running Windows on Parallels.
  • Durability: solid cast aluminum, glass screen, stiff edges with no seems, only the keys are plastic, breakaway charger, well seated ports.
  • Longevity: I’ve owned many Macs that have lasted more than 5 years without major issues, reinstalling the OS, or major slow downs. I was a certified Apple technician for a year in college and regularly serviced Macs that were 5+ years old and put them back into service.

Many of these benefits come from a seamless cohesion of Apple OS and hardware. The new surface might have the same thing going for it so maybe it closes the gap? I’m VERY curious.

I recently attended a talk by Scott Hanselman and he was running his presentation on a Surface Pro. I was amazed by how well it performed. I’ve had a few $1,500+ Dells for business and I’ve never seen that kind of performance – even right out of the box. I’ve always had to use $2,500+ desktops to get Windows and Windows based software to run without lagging and that’s only after turning off the Windows animation fluff.


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