This is my blog for posts concerning my professional activities. I have a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and a BA in Mandarin Chinese and Culture. I work as a software engineer at an engineering firm. I work on distributed realtime systems and soft-realtime visualization. I work mainly with .NET, Silverlight, and native C++.

I’m work on making a career change. I want to become an expert in Natural Language Processing. This requires learning a lot and probably more schooling. It also means I need to get out of my current company and move somewhere where I might at least have a chance to do NLP like Amazon or Google.

Beside my professional activities I spend as much time as possible with my wife and three amazing kids. I tutor a kid in Chinese, lead a Webelos den, participate in church, garden, do woodworking, and home improvement. I also take time to go hiking with my dad, dates with my wife, fly fishing, and ice fishing whenever I can.

I also have some personal software projects such as developing some tools that are used to help students learn Chinese. None of these tools are publicly available yet.


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